Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Book Review: In Search of Lucy

In Search of Lucy by Lia Fairchild

Due to her alcoholic mother Lucy has had to take care of herself and her sister for years. She eventually becomes estranged from both of them and finds herself alone, working a meaningless job and having few, if any, friends. At age 30 she reunites with her sister when she discovers her sister needs a kidney transplant. She gains support from the friends she didn't realize that she had and they help her to navigate through the emotions and events that come.

I found this to be an engaging story, but wasn't sure about the writing. I couldn't decide if the writing was poor or if that was the style in which they were going for. It only really bothered me when I felt like she should have added details earlier. It seemed at times that the author completely forgot about certain details only to add them later, but perhaps that's what she was going for. I wasn't sure what I wanted to grade this book as I enjoyed the story, but was less impressed with the writing. I thought about giving it a B, but then followed up this book with one that had fantastic writing (review to come). I may be slightly generous here: Grade: B-

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