Sunday, May 20, 2012

Book Review: Your Oasis on Flame Lake

Your Oasis on Flame Lake by Lorna Landvik.

OK, time to get back to the book reviews, especially since this is a couple books back for me. This was yet another book recommended and supplied by a co-worker. I was especially intrigued since the book revolves around two female friends approaching 40 that live in Minnesota. Hey, I just turned 40 and I've lived in MN all my life. Perhaps, I'll find a connection with this book. Right? No, not in the way I thought I might, but it was still fun to have them talk about areas I was familiar with.

The book actually tells the story of two families and tells it from multiple perspectives. We get to hear from Devera and BiDi and both of their husbands (BTW - not normal MN names, and in Northern MN? I just don't see it). Between the two families they have three girls and one of them gets to share her perspective as well. This is a story of how families face crisis and how they just deal with life... and changes... and aging.

It was an easy enjoyable read. I may like it more than someone who has never been to MN and isn't as familiar with the references they make, but that doesn't make the book what it is. The book could have the same story and be set in any town. What helps this book stand apart was they way in which it was told from various perspectives. Certainly not the first book to do this, but it helped give the story some depth and richness. Grade: B

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