Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Photo a Day Week 4+

Photo a Day inspired by Fat Mum Slim


No doubt when you have a little girl you end up with a lot of pink things whether you want them or not. Papa gave Riley one of grandma's cows after she passed away.


Yes, everything else we own has newer technology than this old radio, but just imagine what life was like when this came out. Now we are presented with so much new technology constantly that I still think this was probably more amazing for everyone at that time. You could be entertained... receive the news... stuff we all take for granted now as it is always within reach. This radio, by the way, belonged to my great uncle George and was passed down through my dad. One day I hope to have it cleaned up and in full working order.

5/24, er 5/25
Something new


I put these together because I never took a picture on 5/24. I had intended to take a picture of a new game my husband picked up months ago that he's been wanting to play with me, but then he decided he'd rather watch a movie... and then I didn't know what I'd take for this picture (and then didn't care). So I am stretching it a bit here when I have these pictures stand for 'something new' and 'unusual' because these picture aren't really out of the norm. However, she is wearing her new shorts in the first picture so I guess it does qualify even if it is on the wrong day. Jesse has been doing this bucket on the head thing so she wants to copy. Only thing is the bucket ends up slipping and it's not uncommon to now find it around her neck. Unusual? Yes?

12 o'clock

Technically this was probably closer to 10:43, but we were trying to get out of my dad's house around noon. My husband was painting my dad's kitchen ceiling so Riley and I went into the basement and found some old toys. She had a lot of fun trying to bowl.

Something Sweet

I couldn't decide on which picture I wanted to select so I went with both. Hey, I can break the rules sometimes. I love seeing her laugh with her daddy. And check out those eyelashes.

The weather today

We went to the zoo this morning. We were concerned about the potential thunderstorms around 11, but it ended up being a beautiful day.

A number

Numbers, numbers everywhere...

Your personality

I didn't intend to take a picture of myself for this prompt, but I just couldn't think of what else to capture. If this had been 'my mood' you might have seen an obscene gesture with my hand as well, but I tried to hold back. I mean, I don't think you can even tell what a foul mood I was in when I took this picture. Hopefully, what you might see it a handful of 'laid back' with a pinch of 'quirky'.

Something beautiful

My family. My family hanging out at the library.

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