Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Photo a Day - Week 4+

The last thing you bought

Ok, so the last thing I bought was actually in my belly and no longer on this plate, but you get the idea. Jesse, Riley and I took Jesse's mom out to dinner for her birthday... and even got the special treat of having Jesse's aunt Babe along.


Never hurts to have a healthy stash of veggies in the freezer. Especially, when your toddler fancies certain veggies for short periods of time.

Something you're grateful for

I am incredibly grateful for the family I have. Unfortunately, I didn't check the prompt for this day until I was already at work... and it was my late day so Riley would be in bed before I got home. I discussed this with my husband when I got home and he pointed out that I was grateful for him too so I suggested I take his picture. He didn't go for that so I captured this instead.

Looking down

We really don't let Riley play with the iPad all that much, but when she does she has a favorite app that she plays with: The Monster at the End of This Book  featuring Grover. According to her the iPad is actually called "Grover" so when she says "Grover" it almost always means she wants the iPad. She also knows that she has to sit on the ground to play with it so she will run and sit on the floor when I agree to let her play with it. 

Black + White

I almost want to show you the color picture because the grass is probably the greenest (and healthiest) we'll see it until next spring. At any rate, this is my back yard. It may not be huge, but after my last yard this seems like an oasis to me.

Somewhere you went

If I had my camera with me I might have taken a picture of the Dandelion Kitchen food truck as that's where I got my super delicious tomato and mozzarella sandwich. Instead I decided to take a picture of somewhere I went several years ago to get married... St John, Virgin Islands. Plus this seems timely since we just celebrated wedding anniversary.

1 pm

The weather this day was pretty crappy. I think Jesse was looking longingly outside hoping for warmer weather.


Cheap and easy entertainment - write the alphabet in a circle in the driveway. I'm pretty sure Riley was dizzy after running around this as much as she did.

Something that makes you sad

Really the only things that I could think of that made me truly sad would be the loss of my husband, child or dad. Since images of that would be hard to capture I realized that my health issues often make me sad... especially my migraines. And an even sadder thought would be if Riley inherits the same issue. I've made the best of it, but migraine pain can really cut into the quality of your life and the relationships you have.

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