Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Photo a Day - Week 1

Photo a Day inspired by Fat Mum Slim


This was my late day for work so I got to hang out with Riley in the morning. Unfortunately, she was anything but peaceful. Whiny. Fussy. Ugh. It got old fast so we headed outdoors which usually cheers her up... and it did, thankfully. She told me these flowers were hearts (indeed they are, sweetie). And then she proceeded to rip the flowers off the plant. Oh, kids.


My hope was to get a picture of the downtown skyline, but I felt like crap all day with a migraine. Enough so that I left work early. This was a last minute attempt to capture the skyline from home while also trying to get the kid to bed.

Something you wore today

Riley. 2.9.10. A friend of mine knows a woman who makes these necklaces for a very reasonable price and then donates part of it for breast cancer. I was only expecting one trinket (is that what you call it?), but she gave me two. I wear it everyday and find comfort in holding on to it.


Wow. This seemed like a super difficult challenge this day since it's the day my dad got his pacemaker. I spent the morning at the hospital, the afternoon at home, and made a quick visit back to the hospital. While at home I was able to capture this moment where Riley essentially wiped ketchup all over her face. Fun! I guess.

So I heard a lot of birds this day, but never actually saw one. I spent the morning with my dad and it was raining by the time I got home so I wasn't really able to wander the neighborhood looking for birds. I wandered into the basement and captured a picture of this lamp Jesse and I got a few years ago at a super discount. I'm assuming a lot of people would find this creepy, but we thought it was really cool.


Yup, that's me sans glasses.

Someone that inspires you

This kid inspires me more than I can put words to. She inspires me to be a better mom, wife, friend, and daughter. She is so impressionable at her age and is like a sponge sucking up everything she sees so it feels so important that I don't let her down... and I hope that both her dad and I inspire her as she grows.

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