Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May Photo a Day Week 2

Photo a Day inspired by Fat Mum Slim

A smell that you adore

I actually hates smells. That's right. Hate. For someone with chronic migraines, smells can be a huge trigger for a headache. I equate them with misery. I actually tried to take a picture that would embrace the clean smells of nothing, but that, I realized, is pretty difficult to capture. Hating smells wasn't always true for me and I can't deny that some smells, like the smell of lilacs, have fond memories attached to them.

Something you do every day

This day couldn't have been farther from the norm as it was the day my mom passed away unexpectedly. It was a rough day, but I took this picture as a last minute afterthought as I was getting ready for bed. On normal days I come home from work and throw on my jammie jams once I know I am settled in the house for the night. The quest for comfort is something I strive for everyday. 

A favorite word

Daycare put together these little gems for all the mommies. I wouldn't say I normally have a favorite word, but every word on this bucket is rather special to me. 


I could have shown a picture of the whole kitchen, but you may have seen it here as we recently remodeled it. Above is the second pot rack I made (the first one is in my last house) out of plumbing supplies.

Something that makes you happy

Plain and simple this kid makes me super happy. She's funny, loving, smart... of course, lest you think she's a complete angel, she still acts like a normal 2 year old. I was especially happy that she was willing to wear her new bike helmet this day. Plus she was pretty awesome all day long.


I debated about this picture prompt for quite some time. This day we went to brunch with my mother in law and then spent the afternoon with my dad and siblings. To make this more complicated I actually have three moms. My mom, Ruth, otherwise known as the mom that adopted me, passed away 17 years ago. Ann, who I've referred to as my mom for some time, but is technically my step mom, passed away last week. And Linda, my birthmom, who I don't see that often, but is certainly a part of my life. For some reasons it didn't feel appropriate to post any of their pictures today. Nor did I want to post a picture of myself either. So I'm leaving it blank.


Obviously, this week has been difficult with losing my mom so I am a little surprised that I took a picture each day. Originally, for this one, I stepped out the back door and took a picture of my feet in the grass, and then one of the grass from my standing up viewpoint. I was about to walk in the house but realized I had it in me enough to get a much better picture of the grass (at least here you can't tell how many dandelions we have). I headed back out and laid on my belly for a much more interesting perspective. 

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