Sunday, May 6, 2012

Photo Dump

We've been trying to spend a lot of time outside as it sure beats being cooped up inside as we were most of the winter. We've been cleaning up our overgrown (and weedy) backyard for some time and this is the year that we (my husband) really did something about it. Riley is obviously trying to help here by moving this rock.

It's a little hard to hear with the airplane noise overhead, but Riley is shouting out her ABC's and running in circles. This occupies her for a great deal of time. I now love sidewalk chalk.

I would love to claim these as our own, but our lilacs are struggling to make it. Luckily, my neighbor has a bunch and they smell wonderful. I'm usually pretty sensitive to smell, but this smell reminds me of the start of nice weather and of growing up so it's a feel good smell for me. 

This area was completely overrun with plants and weeds. We cleared out much of it last year and put in these walking stones which Riley loves. You can see our mostly non-flowering lilacs on the left.

Pretending to talk on the phone or channeling Dr. Evil?

She loves talking on the phone... even though no one is on the other line. She appears to have a full conversation where she will laugh, make gestures, and say words. It makes me wonder if that's what I look like on the phone. Where would she get it otherwise?

"So then I says to the guy..."

Alphabet Way. Please ignore the all the dandelions.

We have a pretty standard bedtime ritual, but occasionally we'll go play in the little nook upstairs before book time. Here Riley is showing off some new jammie jams. Check out her runway walk. 

Picture time with mommy. Again, I am reminded how much she looks like her dad. 

Riley and Jesse came with me while I looked for new glasses. She insisted on trying some glasses on and kept these on for quite some time. 

I think she was pretty smitten with herself. 

I didn't get any glasses, but I think these were my favorite. I'll have to go back without the distraction of a child and when I am wearing mascara. Yes, mascara. With a previous pair of glasses I couldn't wear mascara because my lashes were too long. Oh, the problems I have.

Oh, and a random update for those who read my Day in the Life post. Turns out the jaw pain (and subsequent symptoms) I had was from a new medication I was taking. Well, that's my best guest. The pharmacist and doctor's office didn't know what it was about, but said it was entirely possible that the new meds were causing the problems. I stopped taking them and I've gradually gotten better. My jaw is still slightly achy, but I am no longer in the pain I was. Luckily, I have other options for this medication and grateful I don't have something like shingles. 

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